Part 1 of the Exam will be available online beginning on January 6, 2020.  It will be open until March 18th.

Part 2 of the Exam will be available from March 19th through April 30th.

As in years past you must get a score of 80% or better to pass the Exam.  We recommend all Chapters use Part 1 as their test for members to be certified but Part 2 can be used if needed for late joining membership. We will leave this up to you. PLEASE stress to all your members the importance of entering your BASEBALL CHAPTER affiliation when they login to take the exam! It becomes very tedious to find Chapter Members and report their test results to your Chapter when the affiliation is for another sport or an arbitrary name not recognized by this organization.


Visit the NFHS Exam System website.

It is my understanding that the Federation deleted all logins last summer so most of you will have to create a new user account. At the bottom of the login page click on Create an Account. Simply follow the prompts to create your login.

VERY IMPORTANT! Please have your members enter their NYSBUA Chapter name as the local affiliation. This will allow us to track who took the test by Chapter. If you use a login from another sport PLEASE Change your local affiliation to your Baseball Chapter!

  1. What should we enter for the State Lic./ID? This field no longer shows up on your login screen.
  2. When and how will we get the answers so the Chapters can go over with their members? Once the exam is closed I will request an analysis report which provides the % of correct answers, the number incorrect and number correct, the answer, the question and the rule reference.
  3. Will you send me the test scores or are we asking for the membership (Chapters) to do it somehow? I will be sending you results periodically that will be an accumulation of all the weeks. NYSPHSAA will be removing all duplicate tests results keeping only the highest score throughout the exam period.
  4. Will you provide which questions were missed or only the final score? The report that Chapters will receive from me weekly will be on the accumulation of testers and their highest score. (See answer to #3 above).
  5. What is a passing grade? A score of 80 or higher is required to pass the exam.

Finally, the cost to take the NFHS Exam is $0.50 per member. NYSBUA does not care which Exam your membership takes (Part I or Part II). Your State Executive Board recommends taking Part I but we will leave that up to the local chapters. PLEASE NOTE: This year there will be no additional cost to take the exam. The cost of the exam is covered in your dues paid to NYSBUA.

Detailed NFHS Online Exam Instructions

Website Link:

Click on the following link to go to the NFHS Exam System and begin the steps below to take an exam.

New Online Exam Site:

As of June 1, 2017, all users must create a new account the 1st time they login to the site. Please make note of the user name and password you create for future login.

Creating a User:

If this is your first time using the new NFHS Online Exam System. Click on “Register” or “Create an Account”. This will take you to the “Account Setup” screen.

The Account Setup is set up in to three sections (Account Information, Personal Information and Association Information)

Account Setup

Username – Type in the Username you wish to use for your account.

E-Mail Address – Type in the email address you wish to use for this account.

Confirm E-Mail Address – Retype your email address

Password – Type in the Password you wish to use for this account.

Note: Passwords must be at least 6 characters in length.

Confirm Password – Retype your password

Personal Information

Prefix (Optional) – Choose a Prefix you would like from the drop-down menu.

First Name – Enter your First Name as you would like it reported to your State Association.

Middle Name (Optional) – Enter your Middle Name or Initial.

Last Name – Enter your Last Name as you would like it reported to your State Association.

Suffix (optional) – Choose a Suffix you would like from the drop-down menu.

Address – Enter your street address or PO Box.

City – Enter the City you reside.

State – Enter the State you reside.

Zip/Postal Code – Enter your Zip/Postal Code.

Timezone – Choose the appropriate Time Zone where you reside.

Once all your information is complete Click “Next”

Association Information

Primary State Association – Select the st State that you are taking your officials Exam.

Alternate State Associations – Select any other state you officiate in. (Ctrl+Click to select multiple states.)

Local Association – Enter the name of your Local Chapter(s)/Association(s).

Once all your information is complete Click “Finish” 

You will then see the following message on your screen and you will receive an email regarding your Account Creation. 

 Sign In to Exam Site

Sign In to the Exam Site with the User Name and Password you create in the steps above.

Exam Dashboard

You will see the exams that are available for the state(s) you chose as your Primary and/or Alternate States during your account setup. You will also see Your Exam History as you begin to complete your exams.

Taking An Exam

Click “Take Exam” next to the exam you wish to begin.

You will then be given any special notes for that exam and asked “Are you ready to begin the exam?”, Click “Yes, I’m Ready”

Once you have click the “Yes, I’m Ready” button your exam will come up in your screen and you can begin taking your exam.

You can “Save & Exit” your exam at any time to complete it at a later time.

You can also flag a question (either answered or unanswered) to come back and review it at a later time before you Submit your Exam by Clicking the “Flag Question” icon next to the questions.

As you continue through your exam questions, you will see the “Flagged Questions” and/or “Unanswered Questions” button appear at the top.

To go to a flagged question at any time during your exam, Click on the “Flagged Questions” button and then the Question Number.

To go to an unanswered question at any time during your exam, Click on the “Unanswered Questions” button and then the Question Number.

Once you have answered all the questions on the exam, you will Click on “Score & Submit”

You will see the following “Warning” pop up. Click on the “Score & Submit” button if you are sure you have answered and reviewed all of your questions.

You will then see your results and the Rule References of any questions you have missed. You can click on the “To Dashboard” button. You will also receive an email with your Score and Rule Reference listed for you to review in the Rules Book.

Once back at the Dashboard you will see your Exam listed under “Your Exam History” section. If a Retake is available you will see a “Retake” button next to the Exam.

You can review the “Details” of your Exam for 30 days after the Close of the Exam Period for your . Simple log back into the Exam System and Click the “Details” button next to your exam.