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2014 Officers

Bill Cregg
Vice President
Don Logana
Art Haber
Dale Malone

2014 Meeting Dates

Summer meeting 4pm on Sunday, June 1.

New Umpires
On field training has concluded for the 2014 season.
Additional training for those in the program will continue throughout the rest of this year and next.


Lester's Upstate Sports
Dave Prong at Lester's Upstate Sports has serviced our organization for years with approved
NYSBUA uniform as well as a full complement of umpire equipment.
To view the web site... click here!
or call 1-800-468-9520

Officially Sports
Mike Shields has been a friend of our Chapter in recent years.
Recently reverting to their original name they continue to
provide great service and a full array of equipment.

To view the web site... click here!
or call 1-800-934-4555.

Work One for Tony!

more info...click here!

DeVivo Scholarship Winners
Winners are:
Alex Cordone (Central Square)
Yale Brian Hughes (Cortland)
Cody Dick (Fulton)
Joe Yorio (Weedsport)
Congratulations! Each winner receives a $500.00 award as they begin their collegiate career.

2014 Dues are well overdue.
Dues are $141 and can be sent to:
Art Haber
607 Sycamore Terrace
DeWitt, NY 13214

Troublesome Rule Interpretations
The batting out of order tutorial is now online, as well as others.
Go take a look!.... click here!

Now online are several versions of three man mechanics...
New to 3 man? Start with "Just the Basics"... click here!
The more complete version is also available.... click here!

Modified rules now include a 15 run rule after 5. Check out all the rules... click here!

A brief tutorial on filling out online evaluations on the Arbiter can be downloaded here!
for a Powerpoint...click here!
for a pdf... click here!











































































Apparently there was a call that raised some questions regarding the difference between obstruction and interference during a rundown.

Here is some guidance:

Keep in mind that in a rundown, the runner has the right to the baseline and the defensive player may not block the baseline without the ball. This is the same as the situation at any base regarding blocking the base. If the fielder does not have the ball, he cannot block the baseline. Waiting for a throw in the baseline is the same as waiting for a throw at a base. If he does not allow access to the base … in this case a direct line to the base … he is in jeopardy of committing obstruction. If the fielder does not have the ball, the runner is NOT required to run around him…that is not access to the base/baseline.
(NOTE: Malicious contact by the runner would nullify the obstruction call, the runner would be out and ejected.)

If the throw takes the fielder into the runner’s path it is POSSIBLE that it might be a no-call if the fielder is in the act of catching the ball. This implies a relatively smooth effort that does not include any discernible attempt to block the runner at the same time.

Unless the runner makes illegal and/or malicious contact with the fielder it would be very unlikely that he could be called out for interference. Illegal contact would be an instance where the runner CLEARLY and INTENTIONALLY interfered with the fielder’s attempt to catch the ball or the runner CLEARLY and INTENTIONALLY initiated contact with a fielder without the ball in an attempt to create obstruction. This would have to be obvious to the umpire based on the runner’s actions prior to the contact.

While these are judgment calls, the judgment has to be supported by rule.

AWARD: RULE 8, SECTION 3, ART. 2 . . . When a runner is obstructed while advancing or returning to a base, the umpire shall award the obstructed runner a minimum of one base beyond his position on base when the obstruction occurred. The umpire shall award the obstructed runner and each other runner(s) any additional bases that would nullify the obstruction.

For interference, the runner would be out and all other runners returned to the base they occupied at the time of the interference. For malicious contact the runner would also be ejected.

Once we get out there and play some ball.
A reminder: Vouchers must be filled out completely; please circle ACTIVE or PROBATIONARY on the voucher as well as fill in all blanks including teams playing etc. If it is not completely filled out or incorrect it gets sent back to the AD and in turn to the official and it takes that much longer to get paid.
- a friendly reminder from AD Wertheim that is true at all schools!

Herm Card Honored
HERMON CARD to be inducted into the NYSPHSAA Hall of Fame. Herm, a graduate of Maine-Endwell High School (Section IV) and Syracuse University, was a baseball and soccer official for 48 years. Card officiated over 1,300 high school baseball games including more than 200 NYSPHSAA postseason games and 200 high school soccer contests. He was President of his local officiating chapter for six years and Rules Interpreter for 26 years. Card was named Baseball Umpire of the Year on two occasions and is a member of the Syracuse Baseball Umpires Hall of Fame (2005). for more on the HOF class ...click here!

Rule Interpretation Meetings
Weekly videos of each session are available... click here!

Weekly materials updated weekly! ... click here!

We'll have a summer meeting, Sunday June 1 at 4pm.
Summer meeting will be held at the:

Plumbers And Pipe Fitters Union
150 Midler Park Dr
Syracuse, NY 13206

For more info and a map ...click here!

Donations for Ronnie Cook
Those of you that may want to send a donation to
Ronnie and his family can send it to:

Ron and Terri Cook
13 N.Hamilton St
Jordan, NY 13080

Checks should be made out to Terri Cook.

Annual Business Meeting
Congratulations to our new officers!

Vice President
Bill Cregg
Don Logana
Art Haber
Dale Malone

Congratulations to our New Active Members

Paul Greiner
Jeff Harris
Larry Miller
Joe Moran
Ryan Oyer
Tyler Saladin
David Wright


2014 Chapter Awards

Fred Almonte
"Umpire of the Year"

John Smorol (R)
presented by Herm Card

Bill Smorol Award
"Prospect of the Year"

Joe Cefarrati
flanked by last year's winner Pete Legro (L)
and John Smorol (R)

Professional of the Year

Kevin Ryan (L)
with last year's winner Jack Vogler

Past winners

Umpire of the Year
Outstanding Professional
Prospect of the Year
Fred Almonte Award
Bill Smorol Award
John Smorol
Kevin Ryan
Joe Cefaratti
Doug Angus
Jack Vogler
Pete LeGro
Pat Quilty
Jerry Losurdo
Matt Macaulay
Bill Cregg
Ed Bragg
Greg Hayden
Don Logana
Bob Kelty
Doug Angus
Warren Bumpus
Bill Cregg
Dan Kuhns
Herm Card
Joe DiPalma
Dale Malone
Ronnie Cook
Don Logana
Bill O'Sullivan
Pat Baker
Warren Bumpus
John Smorol
Jack Vogler
Charles Combs
Tony Stimson


NYSBUA Syracuse Chapter State Umpires

2013 State Umpire Ed Bragg
2012 State Umpire John Smorol
presented by Sec / Treas Art Haber

Annual Newsletter
Art Haber has published the annual newsletter.

All members should have received it via e-mail.
It is available here as well! click here!

NYSBUA Umpire Clinic

In attendance were:
Tom Marlin, Mike Holiday, Scott Paige, Matt Allen, Joe Simmons, Rob Reed
as well as
Paul Greiner and Tom Zdanowski
missing from picture Warren Bumpus

Nine members of the Syracuse Chapter were among the 75 umpires at the 2nd Annual NYSBUA Umpire Clinic.

This clinic featured instruction from three MLB umpires:
Ted Barrett
Rob Drake
and Lance Barrett

Check out their web site… www.nyumpireclinic.com.


Following are general guidelines for updating availability on the Arbiter

Game dates:
March 27 - June 13
June 1 - Aug 31
Sept 1 - Oct 31
Availability due:
Feb 15
May 1
August 1
Schedules released:
Mar 31
June 1
Sept 1

Thanks -- Mark Grosso


Lester's Upstate
Officially Sports
Honig's Whistlestop
Anaconda's Umpstore
Gerry Davis Sports
Lena Blackburne Rubbing Mud